In Harm's Way

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  • My entire life to date has involved a higher level of risk than most people face. That risk has presented itself in varying forms, whether through my lack of focus at school and potentially not having much of a career, leaving home at sixteen to join the Army and not making a success of it, or moving to a new country thousands of miles away with little money and minimal work options. As if all of that wasn’t risk enough, I then ventured into harm’s way as a bodyguard, not knowing whether I would succeed on my chosen path.

    That risk-taking is, by no means, something to brag about, however. It is simply the journey I’ve taken through the choices I’ve made—and it is what helped me to achieve self-satisfaction in everything I do. I want to make it perfectly clear that what I’ve achieved in life may not be substantial from a monetary standpoint in the sense that I’ve made millions—I’ve done okay—but that has never been my goal, nor will it ever be. I am where I am today because I learned and embraced three key things that helped to change my life: Performance, Motivation and Mindset. These three are the underpinnings that have enabled me to be always moving forward in everything I do; allowing me to take risks and grasp every opportunity coming my way. I have always needed to perform at the highest level, regardless of the objective.

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