The Hunt For Zayed - The Jack Bowman Trilogy

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  • Jack dialed Sara's number and was connected after a few rings, he always enjoyed hearing her jovial welcome when she picked up, though this time he didn't give her chance, "I'll do it babe", I've decided to give it a go". "That's wonderful news Jack, I'm thrilled, when will you be here". "Easy tiger, I'm on my way into camp, I'll call you tonight ok?". Ok Jack, I'm so happy, good luck and talk to you soon."

    He thought long and hard about it, but the incident in Bolivia had left a sour taste in his mouth and Jack was leaving the SAS. He walked through the snow along the lane near his cottage and back to his car where he called Sara before driving into camp, thinking things through one final time. He knew he'd made the right decision, and what with Sara relocating to Virginia for work 6-months earlier, he felt it was as good a time as any to spend more time with her. His relationship with the Regiment was about to come to an end, he felt he'd done as much as he could but the lack of support in South America had driven him to making the decision

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