The Man on the Ground - The Jack Bowman Trilogy

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  • The cold chill of the morning was bothering him as he reached for his phone while shopping in town, not again he muttered to himself. Jack had returned to Hereford from a job in Beirut only the night before and was looking forward to a long weekend off. It was Johnny Palmer, his OC from G Squadron, "Jack, need you to come in, come straight to my office will you"? Jack was annoyed as he was looking forward to a long weekend off following his trip, righto boss, I'm on my way in now, he said as he made his way back to his car on the high street.

    Heading out of town on Ross Road towards the camp at Sterling Lines, Jack was intrigued. He knew it wasn't a callout as his pager hadn’t gone off, he assumed that Johnny wanted to speak about another upcoming job. G Squadron were the duty SP team, ready to deploy within a moments notice to a terrorist event anywhere in the world that may affect British citizens, but being called in by the OC wasn’t the norm for a squadron deployment he thought as he drove towards camp. As he turned onto Bullingham Lane and through the main gate, he gave the Ministry of Defence guards a nod and noticed Taff and Kev from the squadron heading out on a run. "Jack, welcome back" shouted Taff, "Johnny's been looking for you". "On my way to see him now mate, do you know why?” "Something to do with Bosnia mate, that's all I know". He knew he’d be off there when B Squadron returned, but that wouldn’t be for another few months at least; They’d been deployed to the Balkans a number of weeks earlier though the last he heard they were up to strength on manpower.

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