The Shadow in the Dark - The Jack Bowman Trilogy

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  • He knew he needed to see someone, the sleepless nights were ongoing and he was finding himself becoming bad tempered and frustrated over little things. His girlfriend had picked up on it too, Sara was a university professor in Birmingham who Jack had met shortly before he deployed to the Balkans fourteen months earlier. She had a growing concern that his time away in the war zone had changed him and wanted him to get some help.

    He’d been back in the U.K. from Sarajevo for two months and after a little leave had re-joined his old squadron, he was happy to be back in Hereford for an extended period and have some time at home with Sara. He found it hard to settle back into somewhat of a normal environment at first, the tranquil countryside of Herefordshire was a far different place to where he’d recently returned from. He’d put off seeing the Doctor up until now though he knew he needed to make the effort and schedule an appointment, he’d decided now was the time. As he pulled into the main gate Jack gave the guards his usual wave though rather than head straight to the squadron lines he drove over to the medical center. "Well hello Mr. Bowman, I thought you’d disappeared forever" she said with her usual smile. "It’s Staff Sergeant Bowman to you Nurse Hardy", he replied back with a grin. "How have you been Jack", she could sense immediately that he didn’t seem his usual self. "I need to see the Doc Lisa, I’m not sleeping too well these days and I could do with a chat with him" he told her.

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